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Day of the Dead "Katrina" Oaxaca
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Folk Art "Alebrije"
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African Mask
Mask "African"
Southern Africa App. 50
years old
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Oaxaca, Mexico
Highway to Hell

There is a shadow world just beyond the edge of perception. Within it dwell all the night creatures that stalk eternity, the banshees and sirens, the witches and warlocks, the brujos and brujas who can command the elder gods. They are everywhere, and their minions, the familiars and carrion eaters who obey their evil, depraved commands. They cast curses and perform bizarre cult rituals. They have the very face of death itself and the gods and devils contained within that face…all the endless faces of the masks of Dr. Death. Marked by decades of ritual and ceremonial use, these totems of real and imaginary devil worship, mysterious mumbo-jumbo of religion and the occult from Voodoo to Santa Maria to Macumba, are casting their spells upon the unsuspecting and marking them as their own.

From all over the world, they exist, they move, they watch, they command….

And now they can be yours alone to cherish and protect.


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